Enterprise Ukraine is a website providing a one-stop solution for information, services and advice for investors interested in Ukraine. We live here, and we're ready to help you on your journey!

To know before you go, ask those who've gone before you...

Welcome to Enterprise Ukraine

Enterprise Ukraine is an alliance of like-minded professionals who have lived and worked in Ukraine for many years and who both know and trust each others’ judgment in their respective fields.

Contact us, and you will soon discover that that each member offers practical, useful advice to investors who are considering Ukraine. In many cases our members already refer clients to each other so Enterprise Ukraine is now a more integrated arrangement to offer investors a “one stop shop”. Ukraine has suffered considerably in the past year and we don’t deny that. Most of that pain has been aired publicly, and internationally, as its people fought to reclaim democracy by overthrowing a corrupt regime. More recently there has been violence in the South East and yet, throughout all the turmoil, there has been an overwhelming groundswell to introduce new policies that will reform virtually every level of the economy.

Now is the right time to consider Ukraine.


... and perhaps you should visit Expat Ukraine?

If you want to find out more about living and working here as an Expat please visit our sister site Expat Ukraine that has been offering advice to Expats since 2003. Apart from the website there is also a lively forum with over 7,000 members. So, why not join? 


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