Investing in Ukraine's Outsourcing


Most IT businessmen agree that outsourcing plays a big role when it comes to business management. Outsourcing is a great opportunity to work with qualified employees and to save on company’s expenses. And Ukraine is one of the best places for outsourcing in IT industry.

Ukraine has more than 500 000 math and computer science graduates overall. The software development industry in Ukraine is developing quickly, employing highly qualified specialists.

Benefits of working with Ukrainian outsourcing:

1.       - Qualified and experienced labor

Ukraine has a lot of skilled professionals. The country has a lot of tech schools and universities, so a lot of graduates too. Most developers know English language on a good level.

2.       Low cost of labor

Skilled labor is not cheap anywhere, but compared to Europe and USA, Ukrainian salaries are much, much lower. Cost of running an office is lower, too. So, you can have professional qualified workers and pay less.

3.       Location


Ukraine is located in Europe. That means getting to any European country takes just a few hours. A little time difference with other European countries makes work efficient.