Why invest in Ukraine?

Our Team of professionals will facilitate the process of investing in Ukraine, our experience in the market is certain to make your venture easier and simpler. Check our our Top 5 reasons to invest in Ukraine.

For starters, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe.

1. The Only Way is Up

Generally, you don’t want to invest at the peak of anything – and at present Ukraine has suffered a steep drop in confidence that has now, thankfully, plateaued. W running at 1% and although the Hrvnia has fallen against the dollar, that has now been arrested and true levels of exchange are now in place. Now is the right time to invest – before everyone jumps on that bandwagon.

2. Europe is Calling

The closer ties with Europe are not just hearsay – the Association Agreement has been signed and closer co-operation is on its way.

3. Structural Investment has been announced

The IMF, European bank and scores of NGOs have announced that they are poised to introduce funding to Ukraine. From favourable loans to grants this financing will have a positive impact on the economy.

4. Policy Changes

The recent changes in government have heralded a complete change in policies and a new attitude towards major issues such as corruption, the rule of law, ownership rights and public services. This is starting to create a more reasonable, predictable climate for investors.

5. Confidence is High

Alongside all this change is an accompanying surge in confidence – from small business owners to corporates. Its intangible but look around you. Stability and the prospect of a bright future are making a difference.


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