Ukraine negotiates free trade with Israel and Turkey

Ukraine negotiates possible free trade zones with Israel and Turkey, Deputy Trade Minister Natalya Mikolskaya says.

"Ukraine keeps moving ahead to free trade agreements with some countries. Colossal work has been carried out at bilateral meetings. We discussed with the Israeli and Turkish delegations on how the effective trade relations could be established," Mikolskaya said adding that "those markets are crucial for Ukrainian exporters of grain and oil-bearing crops."

Few days ago, Petro Poroshenko made a two-day visit to Israel and made some talks on trading agreements too. The Israeli side reaffirmed the readiness to draft a free trade agreement, Deputy Minister said.

The next round of talks with Turkey is scheduled for the beginning of 2016. The sides also agreed to work out at the propositions aimed at boosting trade and at increasing quality of investment projects in the Ukrainian agricultural sector, aircraft construction and IT industry.